Providing ecological and economical solutions for the storage, transport, commercialisation and marketing of your products.

Products and services that aim to facilitate the handling, storage and transport of goods.

Using products related to the production and transformation of wood or end-of-life wood products is a source of energy that represents the last link in a “virtuous” wood life cycle.


BADGER Pellets®. The production of almost 150,000 tonnes of 100% natural combustible, quality-certified wooden pellets, (DIN plus and EN plus), made by recycling the by-products of sawing.

Groupe François has developed exclusive expertise in Europe in the production of thermal energy, electricity (cogeneration) and cooling (cogeneration), using end-of-life wood.

Our group is constantly innovating, proposing new, 100% natural and top-quality products, which are always based on our main raw material: wood.

100% NATURAL, combustible quality-certified wooden pellets, (DIN plus and EN plus).