November 2017: the government abandons the ‘very large’ biomass plant project in Wallonia:

Groupe François, alongside the Belgian Inter-Professional Federation for Wood Fuel, welcomes the decision made by our government last Thursday related to the abandonment of the ‘very large’ biomass plant in Wallonia.

See article published by Minister Jean-Luc CRUCKE's office on this subject

This decision, which was particularly encouraged by the Belgian Federation of Wood Fuel, is the first step towards the development of smaller biomass structures, with better performance (cogeneration, heat networks, etc.) using local resources and promoting our economy in Wallonia, while also promoting job opportunities there. 

Wood has become THE renewable energy source quantitively the most important in achieving renewable objectives from now until 2030, both in Wallonia and in Europe.

We use it, respecting the economic sector, the environmental sector AND the social sector as well!